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InfoPro Center for Economic Information

In a report on Lebanon, the International Monetary Fund has singled out the lack of reliable country economic data as a prime impediment for development in Lebanon.

Recognizing a major gap in the public availability of economic and business data, InfoPro established in 2003 a research center with the objectives of conducting economic research, bringing together the country's leading economists, and publishing serious economic studies and indicators.

The Center endeavors to fill the gap between information needs and what the public sector and a small number of private sector entities are currently providing.

The Center’s mission is to undertake the following:
  • Development of economic indices
  • Nationwide surveys
  • Dissemination of data
  • Development of policy white papers on economic policy and business behavior
  • Publish the ‘Lebanese Economic Journal'
  • Organize workshops and seminars on specific economic themes

The Center established itself as a credible NGO, gained name recognition, and was successful in obtaining funding from international donors. The Center successfully completed several innovative projects and activities, and has started to become an increasingly consulted reference point for economic data.

infopro profile