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BDS Finance

InfoPro advises companies on applying for financing from lenders and equity investors. It matches the appropriate financial institution or investor with the financial needs of the client. It prepares the appropriate documentation, interacts with accounting and legal resources, and represents clients before lenders and equity investors. InfoPro identifies opportunities for acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures. InfoPro is constantly updating its databases of companies seeking financing and institutions, companies, and funds seeking to finance specific projects or companies. InfoPro is familiar with the needs and requirements of both seekers and providers of financing. It operates in total confidentiality and guarantees the same to its clients and partners. InfoPro collaborates with clients' own accounting and legal resources and can also provide external resources in those areas.

Our Services
-Study of company financial situation
-Financial planning of liabilities
-Financial restructuring schemes
-Preparation for leasing, factoring, working capital, and long term financing programs

-Market and business research
-Financial and cash flow calculations
-Balance sheet optimization
-Asset and business valuation
-Preparation of presentations
-Company representation with banks

-File preparation and documentation
-Shopping with banks
-Follow-up of files

-File preparation and documentation
-Introduction and presentation
-Due diligence assistance

-Business valuation
-Commercial mortgages
infopro profile