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InfoPro Research has a specialized department in retail banking. It has conducted a large number of surveys, covering a wide array of retail banking services and issues. InfoPro Research has developed comprehensive databases, unique in Lebanon, on retail banking products, branch networks, and profiles of retail banking clients and non-clients.
For several years, InfoPro Research has studied retail banking clients by conducting Bank Trak, a nationwide annual consumer survey. Details of most banking services are covered in the survey, which also incorporates an analysis of banking habits, such as choosing a bank, switching accounts, hours of branch usage, selection of products, electronic banking, customer profiles, and much more. Bank Trak measures the image of leading banks and advertising effectiveness.
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InfoPro Research has developed a comprehensive database on retail banking products in the Lebanese market. Retail Banking Monitor (RBM) monitors in detail loan products, savings schemes, electronic banking services, and plastic cards. The database is packaged in a software program installed at the client's site, and updated electronically to subscribers online, and provides on-the-spot alerts of new and modified retail banking products launched.
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I-monitor is a subscription service that monitors the term-saving interest rates of 20 banks in Lebanon. The I-monitor data is accessible via an interactive software, which allows the user to compare the rates between the monitored banks for different saving periods and saving amounts in US dollars or Lebanese lira.
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InfoPro Research has pioneered study of the insurance market in Lebanon. With the collaboration of leading insurance companies, it has identified their specific needs in market information. InfoPro Research also monitors the development of the insurance market in Lebanon, including changes in legal requirements, marketing, and product introductions.
InfoPro Research conducts Insurance Trak, a syndicated nationwide survey on the usage and attitudes of insurance consumers and company clients in Lebanon. Insurance products are analyzed and categorized under four product families: Medical, car, property, and life. Insurance habits are analyzed, such as the choice of an insurance company, selection of products, customer profiles, and much more.
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InfoPro Research has developed a comprehensive database on newly constructed buildings throughout Lebanon. The database contains specific information on thousands of properties, including owners, contractors, building specifications, sale prices, and other relevant information.
InfoPro Research publishes Project Monitor, a monthly subscription-based service used by dozens of suppliers of construction material. These include suppliers of steel, cement products, aluminum and glass, tiling and sanitary products, lighting and electrical works and components, and many other types of suppliers in the construction field. In addition, users of Project Monitor include soil testing companies, engineers, architects, interior designers, and real estate agents. Project Monitor is offered in four different configurations.
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