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Available Vacancies
Reporting Journalist
Lebanon Opportunities. Intermediate and senior level. Full time only.
To report and write English-language news stories and feature articles on business topics. Minimum 5 years of experience in press journalism. Bachelor degree in Journalism, Communication, Business, Economics, or equivalent. Fluent in English and well versed in Arabic.
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Reporting Art Writer
Gallery Magazine. Intermediate and senior level. Full-time and freelance opportunities
Write feature English-language articles and critical overviews of fine art work exhibited in Lebanon. Conduct interviews with artists, galleries, art critics, and art collectors. Cover exhibitions. Good writing skills in English, with demonstrable previous experience. Bachelor degree in Art History or equivalent. Skills in social media. Full-time and freelance opportunities.
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Market Research Project Manager
InfoPro Research. Intermediate, senior, and management positions. Full-time and project basis opportunities
Design and supervise implementation of market research studies including questionnaire design, management of fieldwork and data-entry tasks, usage of project management software, data analysis and charting, and report writing. Degree in business (marketing or management), social sciences, statistics, economics, or mathematics, from a top-tier university. Demonstrable several years of experience in market research, management consulting, quantitative analysis, or a field using similar techniques. Proficient in Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project, SPSS or equivalent. Business writing and presentation skills. Fluent in English and Arabic.
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Market Research Project Assistants
InfoPro Research. Intermediate positions. Full-time only
Team member of market research projects. Supervise fieldworkers. Desk research. Data manipulation. Charting. Degree in business (marketing or management), social sciences, statistics, economics. Two years of experience in a field using similar techniques. Proficient in Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project, SPSS or equivalent. Fluent in English and Arabic
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Market Research Operations Manager
The Market Research Operations Manager is responsible for directing market research projects, client management, developing the business and supervising the proper day-to-day operation of the division. The manager will write proposals, select the appropriate research methodology and supporting techniques to meet a defined business objective. Depending upon the selected methods, the Market Research Operations Manager develops or assists in the development of the research instrument. The Operations Manager works closely with Clients and Market Research Project Managers ensuring the successful execution of the fieldwork. Upon completion, the Market Research Operations Manager reviews the collected data, authors reports, and makes business-oriented recommendations and presentations to the client.
  • Communicating with clients to understand and document the business objectives and suggest research outlines that could solve the encountered problem or business goal;
  • Read and prepare proposals in response to RFPs;
  • Draft, price, present and discuss the proposal with Client;
  • Make sure that payments are submitted by the Client as per the agreed terms;
  • Set the budget for the search proposal (costing);
  • Selecting the most appropriate research methodology and techniques;
  • Designing qualitative and quantitative research plans ;
  • Designing research questionnaires and moderator guides;
  • Working with Project Managers to oversee the fieldwork initiative;
  • Interpreting data, writing reports, and making actionable recommendations;
  • A minimum of 7 years within the Market Research industry
  • 1 to 3 years in as a Research Manager;
  • Academic and practical experience with a wide array of marketing and customer satisfaction research methodologies;
  • Excellent written and oral communication abilities;
  • Strong analytic skills with experience in statistical modeling and analysis;
  • Proficient with Excel, PowerPoint, and SPSS;
  • Bachelors or advanced degree in business, marketing, mathematics, or economics.
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