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InfoPro History
  • Corporate establishment
  • Launch of Lebanon Opportunities
  • Automarket
  • The Construction Handbook
  • Acquisition of Middle East InfoSearch renamed InfoPro Research
  • BankTrak
  • Retail Banking Monitor
  • Project Monitor
  • The Business Handbook in collaboration with IDAL
  • The Guide
  • Insurance Trak
  • Internet Trak
  • Easy Banking
  • Easy Insurance
  • The Guide becomes the official magazine for the shopping festival
  • Easy Home
  • Easy Wedding
  • Le Guide des Affaires au Liban
  • Launch
  • Acquisition and revamping of Campus
  • Launch of
  • Web Monitor
  • I-Monitor
  • Pilot project of Infomaps
  • Establishment of the InfoPro Center for Economic Information
  • Debut of the "Opportunities in Lebanon" event
  • First TV commercial for Lebanon Opportunities
  • a matchmaking site with Indevco foundation
  • Launched
  • Published:Perception of the Euro-Med agreement with AUB
  • Published The Fall of Emerging Markets: Analysis and Lessons for Lebanon" by Marwan Barakat
  • The Guide becomes The Guide Lifestyle Magazine
  • Study on barriers to Trade with UNIDO
  • Formation of the steering committee on olive oil
  • InfoPro signed and agreement with New York-based publishing company McGraw Hill to co-publish BusinessWeek in the Arabic language for the entire Arab World
  • Published: Effect of the rise of the Euro on the Economy
  • Study on the Impact of the War on the economy Lebanon
  • Study on the impact of the War on labor
  • Launch of immediately rated among top 10 websites in Lebanon
  • Launch of, the offical website for economic recovery and reconstruction
  • Back-in-business conference: First post-war business event
  • Lebanon Opportunities rated number one business magazine in Lebanon
  • BusinessWeek Arabic edition rated in the top two business magazines in the GCC countries
  • Launch of
  • InfoPro completes its first Citizen Satisfaction Survey for the Ministry of Finance
  • Lebanon Opportunities celebrates its 10th year anniversary
  • Infopro Business Development Services is launched offering financial consultancy and training
  • InfoPro launched a series of training seminars on How to Get Financing
  • Lebanon Opportunities wins Tabbies award for best editorials
  • InfoPro BDS signs collaboration agreement with BEMOSEC for project finance
  • InfoPro released a study on the Impact of the Financial Crisis on Lebanon and predicts: NO CRISIS
  • InfoPro conducted several studies for The World Bank on Investment Climate Assessment and Gender Gaps in Entrepreneurship
  • InfoPro published a book authored by Marwan Iskandar on Russia
  • InfoPro launched La Revue, a tax and legal journal, co-published with Mazars , an international auditing firm
  • InfoPro co-published with UNIDO a study on Overcoming Barriers to Trade
  • InfoPro launches PROPERTIES , a semi-yearly guide on residential real estate
  • InfoPro registers its first closing in financial matching by introducing a growing company to a venture capital fund
  • A digital version of Lebanon Opportunities has been launched on Zinio digital newsstand and copies are sold on iPad
  • Following the rebranding of the international edition, BusinessWeek is renamed Bloomberg Businessweek - Arabic edition
  • Lebanon Opportunities was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Environment in recognition of its contribution to a cleaner environment
  • First award ceremony for the Lebanon Opportunities National Achievement Awards for Banking
  • InfoPro re-launches الإقتصاد اللبناني والعربي the monthly magazine of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon
  • Launched the National Achievement Awards for Industry
  • Launched the Lebanon Opportunities Green Business Initiative
  • Published a study on the national socio-economic challenges and the positions of labor, the private sector, and the government in regards to the 30 most pressing issues
  • Published a special supplement commissioned by Fransabank for its 90th birthday and moderated a conference organized on this occasion
  • Launched the first specialized news site on business and economic issues in Lebanon
  • Moved to new 900 m2 office at the Piccadilly Center in Hamra street
  • Lebanon Opportunities celebrated its 15th anniversary with a special issue and a reception at Zaytouneh Bay attended by more than 750 VIP guests
  • Organized the second Green Business Opportunities conference attended by more than 700 people
  • Established a partnership with UNDP and G consulting to support companies in carbon footprint reduction. Organized workshop on this issue
  • Awarded by the Green Mind Award
  • Published 'Womanon Opportunities' a special issue on women in business
  • Published the Green Business Handbook
  • Undertook a comprehensive survey of salaries in 12 sectors
  • Published a special profile supplement commissioned by Bank of Beirut
  • The Top 100 National Brands was announced and published, the result of an extensive market survey undertaken by InfoPro Research. MTV, Sanita, Casper&Gambini, and Al Rifai launched marketing and advertising campaigns celebrating their ranking in the top 10 local brands
  • Launched an Oil&Gas specialty by undertaking the first comprehensive market study on that sector in the country, Lebanon Opportunities sponsored of the Gas&Oil Summit organized by IRN, and InfoPro exhibited at the Beirut Energy Forum, featuring its Oil&Gas market study
  • Commissioned by the IFC (World Bank) to map company registration processes
  • Commissioned by UNICEF to be a Third Party monitor of relief to Syrian refugees
  • Commissioned by the Council of National Scientific Research (CNRS) to study Innovation in Lebanon
  • Commissioned by the Red Cross on awareness and study on donor behavior
  • Commissioned by the World Bank to undertake a country survey
  • Commissioned by UNDP to study renewal energy
  • Lebanon Opportunities and الإقتصاد اللبناني والعربي have sponsored and participated in the annual Fikr conference organized by the Arab Thought Foundation in Dubai
  • The Real Estate Association of Lebanon (REAL) honored Lebanon Opportunities and its contribution to the real estate sector
  • Lebanon Opportunities participated in a workshop organized by UNIDO on creative industries
  • InfoPro was a key participant in a conference organized by the National Committee of the UNESCO at the Lebanese University under the theme: The Knowledge Economy
  • Lebanon Opportunities participates in a conference organized by the Association of Banks (ABL) to discuss the relationship between banks, the media, and advertising agencies
  • Lebanon Opportunities undertook an in-depth coverage of Agripreneurs, the first time a business magazine looks at agriculture as a center for entrepreneurship
  • Published The Oil&Gas Handbook - by Lebanon Opportunities
  • الإقتصاد اللبناني والعربي participated in the Lebanon in Jeddah exhibition
  • 1,200 people attended over two days the Business Opportunities in Lebanon conference, themed 'Economic sustainability during crisis'
  • Lebanon Opportunities announced its recognition awards under the theme ‘Growth and Success...No Matter What!’ 11 awards were bestowed
  • Around 1,300 people attended the Business Opportunities in Lebanon
  • The Charter of Economic Rights was launched by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in partnership with Lebanon Opportunities
  • Lebanon Opportunities published a special report on: Tripoli is back!
  • InfoPro organized More than 300 cultural and political personalities attended at the Quality Inn in Tripoli a symposium around the book الحلم اللبناني
  • Lebanon Opportunities published a special report on top employers and new jobs
  • الحلم اللبناني, a book by Ramzi El Hafez, has been published by InfoPro, a top seller at Virgin and other leading bookstores. It was followed by two debates in Beirut and Tripoli around the themes presented by the book
  • InfoPro Research has launched the Real Estate Survey & Index which will be updated twice a year
  • To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Ecole Superieure des Affaires (ESA) has selected Lebanon Opportunities to publish a special supplement tracing its history and future plans
  • Nine Lebanon Opportunities Achievement Awards were announced during the Business Opportunities in Lebanon conference
  • More than 1,200 people attended the inaugural session of the Business Opportunities in Lebanon conference
  • InfoPro publishes ‘Qatar’s Pursuits, Struggling for a Regional Role’ by Marwan Iskandar. A discussion moderated by Robert Fisk with the author Marwan Iskandar was organized for the occasion
  • A special issue was published by Lebanon Opportunities including a guide on salary scales, based on a recent survey undertaken by INFOPRO
  • Lebanon Opportunities publishes an in-depth investigation on The Business of Kids
  •, and had a full makeover
  • InfoPro publishes the third edition of The Business Handbook - by Lebanon Opportunities and launches it in a reception attended by business leaders
  • InfoPro Events has organized in partnership with building renovation company Renovate a workshop on Waterproofing and Renovation Systems in collaboration with CMC
  • InfoPro in partnership with The LORE Foundation has launched Schools, a comprehensive overview of primary and secondary education in Lebanon. The launch was accompanied by a workshop attended by most stakeholders in that sector
  • Lebanon Opportunities represented by its publisher was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the inauguration of the Lebanon National Energy Forum organized with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and attended by the President of the Republic. The presentation was broadcast live on several television channels
  • The Business Opportunities in Lebanon conference has been held with great success. More than 1,200 people attended over two days, with all sessions fully booked
  • InfoPro has co-founded GeoMarkets, a company that delivers GIS platforms and location intelligence solutions to help businesses gain powerful geo-insights
  • An investigative report on Cyber security was published in الإقتصاد اللبناني والعربي
  • Lebanon Opportunities celebrates 20 years! A special issue was published and a celebratory reception was organized at the Résidence des Pins. A multimedia campaign was undertaken
  • Saida was featured on the cover of Lebanon Opportunities
  • Lebanon Opportunities publishes an investigative report on consumer habits Millennials
infopro profile