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InfoPro Achievements
  • Introduced twelve publishing, seven websites and eight research products to the market. It has demonstrated that it can repeatedly create and replicate success
  • Each product is unique and fills a well-defined market niche. Each product has a high growth potential. The company has demonstrated that it can sustain and grow its success
  • Each product has either reached or surpassed its viability stage, or is well on its way to achieve that
  • Our products have developed goodwill value and market notoriety
  • The company has gained a very favorable reputation in the market. This translates in good relationship with suppliers
  • The company has hundreds of repeat advertisers, and thousands of readers. It has also dozens of research clients
  • The company has made its first acquisition of a market research company. This has created a second pillar for the company, and has reinforced its position as a prime information provider in Lebanon
  • The company has made its first acquisition of an existing publication. The success of this acquisition opens the door for further growth
  • The know-how accumulated will allow the company to branch to several new business sectors such as online services and e-commerce, business consulting, and marketing services
  • The company was selected by McGraw Hill. the largest business magazine publisher (BusinessWeek) to publish an Arabic language edition of BusinessWeek for the entire Arab world
  • The company was successful in reaching profitability for its products in cycles much shorter than what is conventional in its industry
  • The company is well structured, with seasoned managers, proper budgeting, and well-established systems and procedures
  • In summary, InfoPro is well positioned as a leader in providing business and consumer information and marketing services in several sectors using a variety of media. It is the only media and research company in Lebanon with such breadth and depth. The company has created a momentum of growth that is very likely to continue in the next few years
infopro profile